FAQS – UK2020-11-13T15:25:40+00:00
Do sensors or waves hurt the bees?2020-11-13T15:33:24+00:00

No, there is no risk because the wave lengths are imperceptible or extremely low.

Is the scale size suitable for all hives?2020-11-13T15:32:31+00:00

Yes! You can also make a custom scale if your hive is not a Langsroth or a Dadant.

Does the balance work with internet?2020-11-13T15:31:32+00:00

No, the scale works with a Global System for Mobile Communications, or GSM. No need for internet at the location of the hives

Does the scale require a subscription?2020-11-13T15:30:07+00:00

No subscription! The price of access to online data is included with the purchase price and it’s for life!

How many scales do I need?2020-11-13T15:28:56+00:00

At least one mother scale, which can connect with 8 maximum daughter scales.

Does the installation of the scale require a connection with cables?2020-11-13T15:27:35+00:00

No cables, just place the scale under the body of a hive and voilà!